Heather and Matt are not the kind of couple to do anything half way. Two-time Emmy Award winning Heather seems to emit sparks as she moves. Watching her do 100 pull ups on YouTube is exhausting. But, you’d expect nothing less from this cross-fit instructor. Afghanistan Special Forces veteran Matt is, needless to say, no one to toy with, either. And the engagement was spectacular. Matt arranged to ask for her hand in the same seats in Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium as was their first date. But…, you see, the stadium was empty.

And so, it went on their “wedding weekend” in Hotlanta. Nothing was spared. Matt’s service comrades were there in formal military dress doing honor to the nation and the couple. Part way through the event the couple entertained the lucky 350+ guests from around the globe to their own Hollywood/Broadway coordinated duet. Simply put, there was not a lull in this affair. Or, in the words of The Grateful Dead, “Too much of everything is just enough”.